Happy Hump Day!

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Once upon  a time things were as perfect as perfect could be.  Then one day your significant other starts taking frequent solo trips.  In addition to their sudden change in character, phone calls are now missed when they are out of town.  Are you cool with this or not?  What are your thoughts?

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Happy Hump Day!

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It’s Mother’s Day, you were served breakfast in bed, had a day at the spa, given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, given that one gift you’ve been hinting about for months.  You dined at your favorite restaurant, maybe headed out to the lounge for a few drinks.  When you two got home, the sitter had the kids in bed.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.  No stress, no worries, no drama.  No ass?  Do you feel obligated to give him some after a long day?  Yes or no??

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Happy Hump Day!

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Would you introduce a past lover to your man/woman? While catching up with an old friend, who was also a former lover more than twenty three years ago, who said she had some business to attend in Atlanta and before she left she wanted to stop by the crib and see me.  I was a little hesitant.  How was I going to explain this to my wife? Do I go forward with the introduction and purposely omit the fact that this woman and I had slept together decades ago?   Is it disrespectful to have this woman in our home?  I had to look at it from another perspective.  How would I feel if my wife invited an old friend to our home who was a former lover?  How would I feel?  How would I react if their secret got out?  In a mature relationship, some might argue that open communication is always best.  Some might argue an opposition.  Some may hold true to the adage, “once friends, always friends”, regardless of their current relationship status. Some might even feel that once they are in a truly committed relationship, reaching back, looking back or maintaining old friendships, especially if they are former lovers, is a surefire recipe for disaster.  Now back to my story.  So this old acquaintance actually tried to guilt and persuade me into seeing it her way that since she and I were very old friends, our friendship should not be disregarded simply because I was married.  Ladies, guys, what’s your opinion on this?  I am curious as fcuk.

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Happy Hump Day!

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Disclaimer:  The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to this author’s forum of publication.  The following contents of this publication hereby express an utmost love of women of all body types; slim, average or hereby commonly referred to as BBW’s.

BBW’s is winning!  Tell me something I don’t know. When weren’t they?  I never have, nor ever will deny my love for BBW’s.  I don’t remember nor care to remember when my love for full figured women came into play.  I will say this though, I am an African-American man of a certain age and I remember the days when women portrayed in magazines or commercials were shapely.  And when I say shapely, I could only assume a women’s average size back in the day was a shapely size 8/10.  They honestly could’ve been a size 10/12, but I’m just a guy, what do I know?  LOL.  I have nothing against slimmer women.  It’ s just my preference.  I see shade all the time on social media sites that target skinny women saying, “Don’t get mad if you find pictures of a thick girl in your man’s cell phone while you’re constantly in the gym.”   A BBW is not my winter secret.  I also see posts that read, “Winter’s coming. Get yourself a big girl.”  I am not ashamed of a BBW.  There is more to hug on a BBW.  More to squeeze on a BBW.  More to love on a BBW.  So shapely, so sexy, so voluptuous.  I love the feel of all that body weight on top of me when making love.  There is nothing more sexy than a BBW who is confident and carries herself with that confidence. There is just something beautiful when a confident and sexy BBW walks into a room or is at the beach.  I can’t seem to take my eyes off of her.   It is pure eye candy.  Hashtag simply delicious.  So shame on the man who secretly loves a BBW.  Shame on the man who doesn’t mind fucking a BBW, but won’t be seen with her in public.  I, for one, wouldn’t have it any other way.  BBW’s are awesomely sexy.  Goddesses.  A force to be reckoned with.  Our Creator made us just the way He wanted us. So when I see a post that reads,”BBW is winning!”  I laugh to myself because I already knew this.  Tell me something I don’t know.

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Happy Hump Day!


Body Shaming: To Be Or Not To Be  That is the question this week.  Do women body shame those who get plastic surgery or do women who have had their bodies enhanced shame those who do not?  I was having lunch with an old friend a while ago and while dining, I took in the sights.  As women walked by I nonchalantly pointed out those with shapely bodies.

You know those are fake, right?”  she said as she rolled her eyes.

“I do not care,” I said as I sipped my drink, “I really could care less.  What makes you think I care if they’re fake or not?  When I’m sucking on them, kissing on them or caressing them, what makes you think I’d enjoy them less if her tits were fake?”

“Just like a man!”  Trina said shaking her head.

“What?”  I asked as I laughed, “You can’t honestly believe that men had anything to do with this recent epidemic of women who desire to enhance their bodies.  No man sat around and decided that women who want to be sexier should undergo the knife.  I am sure no man had any input in this at all.   So, we’re just sitting back admiring the fuck out of all this competition. I honestly believe women do it first for themselves, then for other women, then lastly for men.  I don’t know when it started or even how it started, maybe women in the stripper industry set the standard. But over time I’ve noticed more and more women that aren’t even strippers wanting to enhance their bodies.  All this body augmentation isn’t just for strippers anymore.  And I gotta tell you the truth, Trina, if men collectively began to express our love for natural beauty and tell women we prefer a smaller natural ass and smaller natural tits, I honestly believe that request would fall on death ears.  I think it’s too late.  Thick ass and big tits are here to stay!”

I saw on The Wendy Williams Show just yesterday during Hot Topics, Wendy reported that Cardi B said, ‘Four years she paid a back-alley surgeon $800 for butt injections.’  It is serious dilemma when anyone would jeopardize their life to save money.  What could be the motivation behind this mindset?  At the strip club, bigger asses equal bigger tips. There, I said it.  We all know there are women out there with natural bodies that are extraordinarily shapely, and have not undergone any surgery what-so-ever.  Maybe women who weren’t as blessed with a body like those of an natural Amazon could secretly or even openly be jealous.   But I’m just a guy, so what do I know?  LOL.

“So tell me ladies, what’s your view on this?  Do you secretly shame women who’s had plastic surgery?  And you ladies that enhance your bodies, do you insult women with smaller natural curves?  Leave your comment(s) below.





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Happy Hump Day!


Everyone has a story. she said, everyone.”  The question I posed to a friend of mine was, “Do women feel their lover should instinctively know their likes and dislikes?” Claiming every woman’s likes and dislikes are the same would suggest a lack of individuality, to say the least. It would be absurd to think what one woman likes, is the same for another.  “Everyone was not raised the same.” One girl growing up may have awakened every single morning to find her father had already left for work.  She may have only had a change to see her father at the dinner table, and even then, maybe the father wasn’t much into talking or displaying affection, but she knew her father loved her because he worked hard and provided security, food and shelter.  Now fast forward a bit and you’ll find that same woman in her own relationship and may exhibit love the same way she witnessed as a child.  Obviously, it goes both ways.  A young male child may not have seen his father’s display of love to his mother, but witnessed his father provide shelter and security.  As a grown man, he may too lack the propensity to shower his woman with an outward display of affection that could be a definite requirement of another woman. You can’t blame these individuals.  If they knew better; they’d do better.  So how does this story apply?  Let’s say your lover didn’t believe in foreplay, but foreplay was your ideal prelude to some good sex.  You gotta preheat the oven before you stick the meat in, right?  So you gotta tell him foreplay is required.  Let’s say she is a little rough when giving oral sex. You gotta quickly teach her how you like it done.  You can’t expect someone to know how to please you, if you don’t tell them. Open communication is always best.  So whenever I hear someone say their mate better know how to please them, or they haven’t the time to teach him/her how to please them, is just plain crazy. We are all unique individuals with a myriad of different likes and turn-ons.


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