Happy Hump Day!


TGiHD.  Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day.  Yes, we’ve made it to another Hump Day.  Here’s this week’s question.  Have you ever sent an x-rated text to the wrong recipient?  And if so, how did you make that wrong a right?




Happy Hump Day!



  Which are you, an early bird or an night owl?  They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, it’s the early bird that gets the morning wood.  Which do you prefer, making love first thing in the morning or the last thing at night?  Personally, I don’t care when I get it just as long as I get it, but I love being waken by a blow job, nevertheless, I do prefer it more at night.  Why?  Well, for me, my number one reason is at night, you’ve had the chance to wash your ass and brush your teeth.  Making love in the morning, you may encounter, oh hell, who am I kidding, you will encounter morning breath, and let’s face it, ain’t nothing erotic about bad breath.  LOL.  Secondly, making love at night affords you a great night sleep.  If you get that morning wood, you then have to get up, shower and head off to work.  The last thing I wanna do after a fantastic orgasm is deal with midtown traffic.  But I will admit, I love when both schedules are clear and we get it in early in the morning, fall back to sleep, wake up later, get it in again, fall back to sleep, wake up later, get it in again…..




Happy Hump Day!


Hair we go…Thank Goodness we’ve made it to another Hump Day, and to a New Year.  My resolution?  Not to pull punches in 2016, and say exactly what’s on my mind. So what’s on my mind the first Wednesday of the new year?  This issue that some consider pubic hair disgusting.  Up to now, I am  seeing and hearing more and more women are letting their pubic hair grow, and I for one, am glad more women feel uninhibited and could care less what others may think or say.  Men, there was a time when I was a kid, and don’t front, we’ve all done it, when I’d sneak a peek at my father’s Playboy magazine collection.  When my eyes gazed upon the bodies of beautiful women sporting pubic hair, that’s exactly what they were-women, and I was hooked!  Then when I got my hands on some magazines with some sistahs in it with pubic hair, I almost lost my mind. Now, in my junior high school days if I got a chance to finger pop a girl at a basement party, or my girlfriend stopped by my house after school when my parents weren’t home, these adolescent girls had no pubic hair.  When I finally got my chance to make love to a woman and I saw all that pubic hair, I knew right at that very second the difference between a girl and a woman.  And I liked it.  Now for those men who have so much negative things to say about women with pubic hair, which by the way is natural, please keep in mind that if you’re with a woman whose vaginal area smells, you gotta take a better look at the type of women you choose.  There’s a revolutionary invention that came out years ago, it’s called soap, and when coupled with water, it does a fantastic job.

In some cultures and parts of the world, it’s different strokes, I can understand this, but stop it with all the negative and vulgar comments about women with pubic hair. God created us.  So the next time you spew off offensive comments, just remember pubic hair is as natural as the hair on our heads.  If we don’t wash the hair on our heads, it’ll smell too.   If we lived in a continent where hair on our heads was taboo, then came to this country, we’d get all types of funny stares.  To shave or not to shave is a personal choice.  I personally love it.  It’s a major turn on.  And to those women that prefer not to shave, it may be one less thing that have to wax or fuss over.  Men grow far more hair over their bodies than women, but there are women that don’t particularly care for men with peasy chest hair, back hair or course hair on the arms and legs, but you don’t see women marching up and down Broadway carrying picket signs proclaiming their disgust.  Everything on the human body has its purpose-just like eyebrows, eye lashes, and nostril hair.  Yes, nostril hair. Look it up.  Men, if the woman of your supreme fantasy walked into your life, yet had pubic hair, I know damn well you wouldn’t kick her to the curb-so stop it.


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Happy Hump Day!



TGiHD! Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day. Okay ladies, I wanna know…do you get offended when your man talks dirty to you?  On the flip side, do you talk dirty to him?

“Hey baby, how was your day?”  Lynda asked.

“It was okay, same ole shit.  How was yours?” asked Jayson.

“Don’t even ask. You know that new girl, Shannon I told you about?  Well, right before the morning meeting, my supervisor asked me to run a few copies off of some blank sign in sheets, right. So as I waiting for the copy machine to warm up, Shannon made it her business to tell me not to be late to the meeting.  And I’m like, excuse me?”

“Oh boy,” said Jayson as he washed his hands in the kitchen sink and opened the refrigerator door, “what happened next?”

“She had the audacity to stop dead in her tracks, looking over her shoulder at me and said, ’cause you have a bad habit of being late, and it’s not a good look on you.”

“Word? And what did you say after that?”

“Hmm. The question is what didn’t I say? She had it coming cuz you know I don’t play that.  I come to work everyday to do the job I get paid to do, but I’ll be damn if I let some ivy league wanna-be tell me something I already knew, with her cheap ass Payless Shoes.”

“Baby, why do you let her get to you like that?  She just jealous, you know that. Didn’t you tell me when she first got there she use to ear hustle on your conversations with your friends?  You said you caught her rolling her eyes when she overhead you telling the details about our anniversary cruise last year,” said Jayson as he grabbed Lynda by the hips pulling her close to him.

“Yeah, she did.”

“Well there you go…she wanna be you bae.  She want your job, she want your lifestyle, she probably even want me,” Jayson said jokingly.

“She probably do.  I need to be more careful when I see her around when I’m talking.”

“Word. She probably overheard you running your mouth on how we do.”

“Really? Running my mouth?  On how we do?  So that’s what you tell people, that I run my mouth?”

“Bae, be serious.  I know damn well you talk about how I be puttin’ it down. Stop!”

“I do not!” said Lynda as she tried to break free from Jayson’s playful grip.

“Yes you do. As a matter of fact I was thinking about your sweet phat ass all day today.  Hey, am I gonna get some pussy tonight?”

“Jesus, Jayson. Why do you have to say it like that?”

“Like what? Can I get some pussy?  Don’t start. How you want me ask, all polite  and shit with a British accent?  I like to talk dirty to you.  There’s something about the way I ask, and something about the way you say yes that turns me on.”

“I know, but why you gotta say it like that?”

“Come on, Lynda. Damn, it’s just me.  I’m in love with you. You turn me on and I wanna make damn certain you know it, so I say what’s on my mind.  You know I’m nasty like that.  But on the real tho, you never answered me baby…am I gonna get some pussy tonight or nah?”

“Yeah, that’s what you want daddy?  You want some pussy?”  said Lynda as she took Jayson by the hand,”Huh…is that it?”

“Fuck yeah.  Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout.”

Lynda led Jayson to the bedroom. She pushed him backward onto the bed.  She pinned back her hair and dropped to her knees. Jayson eagerly unzipped his zipper as she reached into his trousers pulling out his thick erect dick.  She moaned as she slowly engulf the thickness of his manhood into her mouth. She held it with two hands as she looked directly at him as ran her tongue up and over the head of his dick.  Jayson gently held her by her face as she intensely looked into her eyes.  She brought him so much pleasure. Jayson gently bit his bottom lips as Lynda worked her magic. He began to lift his hips off the bed thrusting his dick down her throat.  Lynda continued sucking his dick passionately.

“Fuck! moaned Jayson, “Gotdamn damn baby that shit feel good.  Don’t stop!”

Lynda continued sucking his dick without so much as blinking her eyes.

Jayson let out a low moan as he felt his dick get thicker and wider in her mouth.  He wanted to cum, and he needed to watch her swallow his load.

“I know you complain when I ask baby, but you know you love sucking my dick, don’t you?”

Lynda shook her head in agreement as she closed her eyes and slobbed his dick sending a shudder of excitement throughout Jayson.


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Happy Hump Day!



Okay ladies, welcum to another Hump Day! What would you do if a complete stranger approached your man with an indecent proposal? One million dollars to sleep with you…AND your man has to watch. Yes or No? If you agreed, would you hold back because your man was watching, or would you fuck the shit outta him?



Happy Hump Day!


TGiHD….Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day!  Ladies, here’s my question.  Do you believe if you don’t take care of your man’s sexual needs, someone else will do it?  Have you ever been bold enough to tell another man’s woman that if she doesn’t take care of her man’s needs, you would take care of them?  Believe it or not, there are some women out there that have no problem with it.  Let’s take a look at this scenario.  A hard working man comes home after working a double shift.  He showers and enters the bedroom to find his woman fast asleep.  He doesn’t wake her, he just goes to bed sexually frustrated.  This goes on about eight days.  On average, they make love about three times a month.  Would you be upset if your man strayed to get his needs met?



Happy Hump Day!


In what I’d call a 3 part discussion on an issue that is very important to me; clitoral versus vaginal orgasms, I offer this: So many assume the Clit and Vagina are separate entities when they are actually a network of nerves and muscles. I’m always blown away how many females don’t know their own anatomy and how it works. Many miss out on great sex because of this.

Sexual response and orgasm is about much, much, much more than genitals. In fact, an orgasm is, in a very core way, barely about genitals at all, and sexual response is usually only as much about genitals as any sex eliciting those responses is about genitals. Orgasm doesn’t happen in or on the genitals, even though its effects are often felt there in addition to other sites. By all means, orgasms “come from the inside” but not of our genitals. They come from the inside of our brains and central nervous systems, and all the parts of our bodies those things can impact, every time, for everyone.

A total separation between the vagina and clitoris is mostly artificial, often based on a misunderstanding or an incomplete understanding of what, where and how big the clitoris really is. In a word, that separation is often largely based on thinking the clitoris to be only the clitoral glands and hood — the external portions — when, in fact, those are only two parts of the whole clitoris, and that no part of the clitoris has anything to do with the vagina, and vice-versa, when none of those things are true. We can’t really separate the vagina from that and other anatomy because the internal portions of the clitoris surround the vaginal opening and canal, and most of the vaginal canal has few sensory nerve endings, so a person wouldn’t feel much without those internal portions of the clitoris, as well as the muscles, organs and nerve endings also surrounding the vagina outside of it.  At the same time, that might make you then stop and wonder, then, why a majority of women don’t reach orgasm from intercourse alone than from external clitoral stimulus.


Happy Hump Day!


Have you ever masturbated even while in a relationship?  I get it.  Life gets hectic, in the way.  You’re overcum, LOL, by your daily grind that has you so overwhelmed you barely have time for yourself, let alone your lover/spouse. You make plans for date night, but every now and again, life throws that curve ball, and you find yourself rescheduling the calendar for time alone with your bae.  But this one particular night he/she calls and tells you they’re stuck at the office, requested to do mandatory overtime, or out of town on a business trip and his/her flight is delayed, what do you do?  You’ve showered, lotioned and crawled into bed.  You catch a quick glimpse of a sexy commercial or flip through a magazine you’re reading and see an advertisement of a sexy man or woman and before you know it, you’re gently touching yourself.  You glance over at the nightstand clock and convince yourself that your significant other should be home in a few hours.  A few hours?!!  You could get a quick one in and save the best ’til he/she gets home.  Once that thought enters your mind, there’s nothing on the face of the earth that’s gonna stop you from the self gratifying pleasure of masturbation. Whether you pop in a porn DVD, pick up an erotic novel, or merely let your imagination run wild, you will experience this pleasure.  You softly, gently and deliberately touch yourself anticipating the splendor of an orgasm.  Tonight, you go from zero to one hundred in a few seconds, and before you know it you’re reaching an explosive, toe curling orgasm.  Your skin is covered with goosebumps, your body is sweaty, your senses are heightened, your breathing has increased ten-fold, however you feel far from guilty.  Why? Because you’re human, and we all have that primal instinct that must be satisfied when nature calls.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  So if you’re in a loving, respectful, honest and endearing relationship and you happen to find yourself horny, but alone because of circumstances, would you masturbate until the arrival of your loved one?




Happy Hump Day!


 Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day.  Okay ladies, let me ask you, if your man didn’t perform oral sex, would you dump him?  Men are always asking for head, but what about you women?  I know for a fact, y’all love head just as much as us men, right? Right!  So if your man was not into oral sex, would you get rid of him like trash?  Let me think back to my first attempt at oral sex .  It was at a time when all men denied eating it, but for the life of me I didn’t understand why men lied about it.  I enjoyed it and more importantly, I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.  You can only learn so much from your friends, yes, the same friends that denied performing oral sex in the first place.  I read XXX-rated romance stories, articles in Playboy, Hustler and Forum magazines.  I even watched porn at an early age to get a better understanding on the art of oral sex.  I was fascinated, and then I went to the source. I asked a lesbian friend of mine her finer points of cunnilingus.  I was excited and eager to please my lover.  A little sucking, some gentle tugging, wide broad licks, light shallow flicks, pull back that hood and kiss that clit, increased pressure, and barely making contact, all techniques to drive your lover wild.  I knew I was doing it right one night ’cause the girl I was with nearly broke my nose on her pelvic bone.  The most exciting and thrilling part of giving your girl oral sex is that moment when she’s about to reach a climax and she clamps down hard, squeezes her thighs inward, and buries your face deep in her pussy.  Men, make sure you take enough air into your lungs seconds before she does that, otherwise you will die of asphyxiation.  But believe you me, it’s worth the risk.

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