Happy Hump Day!


Where’s the freakiest place you’ve had sex?  In a parking lot? In an elevator?  What about the beach? I find getting your fuck on in a bathroom stall at the club or a fancy restaurant really erotic and incredibly sexy.  Well, wherever your freakiest place may have been, was there a possibility of getting caught? Did it make you hornier knowing someone could have been watching?  A friend of mine told me he and a coworker had sex every night at their workplace. He worked 4pm to midnight, and she 12am to 8am.  Every night before he went home, they’d meet in one of the office suites.  He’d prop her up on a desk, drop to his knees and would eat her pussy.  He didn’t pound it out or ask for a blow job, he just ate her out and then head home.  For the rest of her shift, she’d be hot and bothered with nothing but him on her mind. I personally have a friend who gets completely turned on by the rain. She told me she and her lover were caught in the rain one day and pleaded with him for a good fucking.  She leaned against a large tree, hiked up her summer dress, spread her legs, and put it on him.  She adored getting drenched and pounded out.  She was quite the story teller.  As a matter of fact, I remember her telling me how she enjoyed knowing they were being watched.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day!”

  1. Sex on the beach was my freakiest place and yet I still don’t feel that is all that freaky, but it is fun. Sex in the rain is definitely on my to-do list.


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