Takoma Washington was born and raised in the Downtown section of Brooklyn, New York. He and his family lived in the Farragut Houses before moving to the East New York Section a few years later where Takoma attended public school. The only child born to his parents, Takoma was a latchkey kid and had lots of time on his hands, and trouble to get into, yet sought pleasure in activities that kept him on the straight and narrow.

  Takoma was a shy youth growing up in Brooklyn and his shyness came with a cost  Like any average boy, Takoma liked girls but didn’t know how to approach them. He eventually began writing poetry to express himself. As a teenager, he enjoyed reading romance novels and magazines, and when he reached puberty began reading Playboy and Forum magazines he discovered in his father’s den. Takoma enjoyed the images of beautiful women in the centerfolds, but he equally enjoyed the articles. His interest in the art of lovemaking began to grow, and grow it did. Before Takoma lost his virginity, he realized the importance of ensuring the woman’s needs were met first. Word got around.  Fast forward some 36 years, and this is where you’ll find Takoma, enjoying his family, semi-retired life and penning his novels in Atlanta, Georgia.

  Takoma doesn’t possess accolades of degrees and hasn’t taught any undergraduate modules. He hasn’t even won any literary awards for excellence in published works. Takoma writes with passion, that burning passion that lies within his heart, or in his case, within his loins. Therefore, I invite and encourage you to comment, better yet share, every Wednesday, aka Hump Day, the exploratory erotic world of fiction fantasized by Takoma Washington.

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