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I have a friend who has a friend that recently got a job.  At her new job, she was separately approached by two male co-workers.  Male co-worker #1 pressed hard and invited my friend’s friend to his house for drinks.  She arrived at his house, chilled a while and ended up letting him eat her pussy.   The next day she tells my friend they didn’t have sex, but she did let him go down on her.  After knowing male co-worker #1 about 4 days, she later regretted going over his house, twice.  On her second visit the very next day, they fucked.  My friend’s friend believes having oral sex is not actually sex.  Oh really? Is this the mentality of a younger generation?  Uh..missy, oral sex is sex.  Okay, what say you?  Do you consider oral sex as sex or not?

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