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Would you introduce a past lover to your man/woman? While catching up with an old friend, who was also a former lover more than twenty three years ago, who said she had some business to attend in Atlanta and before she left she wanted to stop by the crib and see me.  I was a little hesitant.  How was I going to explain this to my wife? Do I go forward with the introduction and purposely omit the fact that this woman and I had slept together decades ago?   Is it disrespectful to have this woman in our home?  I had to look at it from another perspective.  How would I feel if my wife invited an old friend to our home who was a former lover?  How would I feel?  How would I react if their secret got out?  In a mature relationship, some might argue that open communication is always best.  Some might argue an opposition.  Some may hold true to the adage, “once friends, always friends”, regardless of their current relationship status. Some might even feel that once they are in a truly committed relationship, reaching back, looking back or maintaining old friendships, especially if they are former lovers, is a surefire recipe for disaster.  Now back to my story.  So this old acquaintance actually tried to guilt and persuade me into seeing it her way that since she and I were very old friends, our friendship should not be disregarded simply because I was married.  Ladies, guys, what’s your opinion on this?  I am curious as fcuk.

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