Body Shaming: To Be Or Not To Be  That is the question this week.  Do women body shame those who get plastic surgery or do women who have had their bodies enhanced shame those who do not?  I was having lunch with an old friend a while ago and while dining, I took in the sights.  As women walked by I nonchalantly pointed out those with shapely bodies.

You know those are fake, right?”  she said as she rolled her eyes.

“I do not care,” I said as I sipped my drink, “I really could care less.  What makes you think I care if they’re fake or not?  When I’m sucking on them, kissing on them or caressing them, what makes you think I’d enjoy them less if her tits were fake?”

“Just like a man!”  Trina said shaking her head.

“What?”  I asked as I laughed, “You can’t honestly believe that men had anything to do with this recent epidemic of women who desire to enhance their bodies.  No man sat around and decided that women who want to be sexier should undergo the knife.  I am sure no man had any input in this at all.   So, we’re just sitting back admiring the fuck out of all this competition. I honestly believe women do it first for themselves, then for other women, then lastly for men.  I don’t know when it started or even how it started, maybe women in the stripper industry set the standard. But over time I’ve noticed more and more women that aren’t even strippers wanting to enhance their bodies.  All this body augmentation isn’t just for strippers anymore.  And I gotta tell you the truth, Trina, if men collectively began to express our love for natural beauty and tell women we prefer a smaller natural ass and smaller natural tits, I honestly believe that request would fall on death ears.  I think it’s too late.  Thick ass and big tits are here to stay!”

I saw on The Wendy Williams Show just yesterday during Hot Topics, Wendy reported that Cardi B said, ‘Four years she paid a back-alley surgeon $800 for butt injections.’  It is serious dilemma when anyone would jeopardize their life to save money.  What could be the motivation behind this mindset?  At the strip club, bigger asses equal bigger tips. There, I said it.  We all know there are women out there with natural bodies that are extraordinarily shapely, and have not undergone any surgery what-so-ever.  Maybe women who weren’t as blessed with a body like those of an natural Amazon could secretly or even openly be jealous.   But I’m just a guy, so what do I know?  LOL.

“So tell me ladies, what’s your view on this?  Do you secretly shame women who’s had plastic surgery?  And you ladies that enhance your bodies, do you insult women with smaller natural curves?  Leave your comment(s) below.





*Photos courtesy of Pinterest