Everyone has a story. she said, everyone.”  The question I posed to a friend of mine was, “Do women feel their lover should instinctively know their likes and dislikes?” Claiming every woman’s likes and dislikes are the same would suggest a lack of individuality, to say the least. It would be absurd to think what one woman likes, is the same for another.  “Everyone was not raised the same.” One girl growing up may have awakened every single morning to find her father had already left for work.  She may have only had a change to see her father at the dinner table, and even then, maybe the father wasn’t much into talking or displaying affection, but she knew her father loved her because he worked hard and provided security, food and shelter.  Now fast forward a bit and you’ll find that same woman in her own relationship and may exhibit love the same way she witnessed as a child.  Obviously, it goes both ways.  A young male child may not have seen his father’s display of love to his mother, but witnessed his father provide shelter and security.  As a grown man, he may too lack the propensity to shower his woman with an outward display of affection that could be a definite requirement of another woman. You can’t blame these individuals.  If they knew better; they’d do better.  So how does this story apply?  Let’s say your lover didn’t believe in foreplay, but foreplay was your ideal prelude to some good sex.  You gotta preheat the oven before you stick the meat in, right?  So you gotta tell him foreplay is required.  Let’s say she is a little rough when giving oral sex. You gotta quickly teach her how you like it done.  You can’t expect someone to know how to please you, if you don’t tell them. Open communication is always best.  So whenever I hear someone say their mate better know how to please them, or they haven’t the time to teach him/her how to please them, is just plain crazy. We are all unique individuals with a myriad of different likes and turn-ons.


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