Ladies, if your man asked you to stay home and play hooky so y’all could make love all day, would you? If spontaneity is missing from your love-life and he took the initiative, you better get to dialing. I have a friend who said she’d feel guilty staying home. “I don’t wanna waste my sick leave,” she says. “There’s nothing we can do now, that we can’t do later”, she says.  I’m just saying, if your man comes up with the idea to stay home and put it down, and you really love him like you say you do, go ‘head and get your best sick voice on. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with stacking your paper, but there is definitely nothing wrong with a little work hooky every now and again. Don’t lose sight of the big picture which is intimacy. Otherwise you may find yourself, by yourself.


Couple Cuddling in Bed --- Image by © Dann Tardif/LWA/Corbis