Thank goodness we’ve made it to another Hump Day!  Let me ask you something. Could you tolerate working with your spouse/better half?  I conducted a survey of 30 people, men and women.  Surprisingly, 3/4 of the women polled replied with a resounding NO!  As a matter of fact, they said, ‘Hell No.’  Seems like women, though they love their men, could not fathom the thought of working with their baes.  The men also responded, no.  And without going into too much detail, we already know the reason for their response. “She’d get in the way,” said one surveyed. “Bruh, she would fuck up my whole game,” responded another. “Ninja, are you crazy?” said yet another.  Call me crazy, but you would be more than surprised to find out 1/4 of the 3/4 of women shared the same sentiments with no desire to work with their lovers. For anonymity’s sake, let’s call one young lady polled, Celeste.  Celeste admitted she loves to flirt at work and knows good and damn well her man wouldn’t go for that. She said she enjoys the attention other men pay her and believes you can look at the menu, as long as you don’t order.  Personally, I think that’s playing with fire, but yeah, who am I to judge?  Then there’s Brenda, who shall remain nameless, who is currently having relationship problems and has her eye on a certain co-worker who she feels is a fantastic candidate to be her next boyfriend.  She said she’s just waiting on her current boyfriend to mess up just one more time, and she’ll be on from the ex, to the next.  I personally wouldn’t want to work with my spouse simply because when she asks me how my day was, I want to give the highlights of the drama, the bullshit, the backstabbing, and the office politics she knows nothing about.  Otherwise, she knows just how my day went, ’cause she was right there amidst it all.