Ladies, have you ever thought a man was gay just because he didn’t sleep with you?  If so, why?  Years ago, I went out alone to a local club to catch a performance of a female recording artist I was dying to see.  Once I was able to make my way inside, I ordered a drink and stood at the bar.  A young lady asked me what time the show was going to start.  I wasn’t  too sure what time the show was going to start but I told her most performances at that particular venue didn’t start until 11PM.  She appeared to be there alone as well, so I offered her a drink. We stood there and chit-chatted for an hour until the show started.  I was a perfect gentleman.  Once the show started we made our way closer to the stage and danced a little as we caught the show.  There was an after-party we both went to.  To myself, I was thinking I found someone I could chill with, a hang out partner, someone to dance with at future parties.  She was thinking something else.  She was mad cool but I wasn’t really feelin’ her like that.  A few weeks passed by, and we hung out a few times until one night she invited me to sleepover after a night of dancing. I politely declined stressing it was easier for me to stay at a relative’s house which was closer to my job.  The next day I called her, but she didn’t answer.  I left a few messages just to check up on her, to which she never replied.  After two weeks I called a friend of hers to make sure she was ok and her friend told me our mutual friend was very upset at me for not acknowledging her advances and told all of her friends that I must have been gay.  Furthest thing from the truth.  Here’s what I never understood since that day. If a man sleeps with every women he meets, he’s a dog.  If he chooses not to sleep with a particular woman, he’s labeled gay.  For all those women out there with that small-minded thinking; what about a man that has outgrown running the streets and playin’ games, has a preference of a woman he’s attracted to, thinks better of himself and is looking for something more meaningful than just casual sex.  Stop being miserable.  Has it ever occurred to you, maybe he’s just not that into you.