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Ladies, do you enjoy role playing?  What would you like to act out with your lover?  The sexy maintenance man?  The horny housewife?  What about the police officer and the naughty prisoner?   Well, whatever tickles your fancy, let loose and get as creative as you possibly can.  I particularly  like the club scenario role.   I would go out to a lounge, order a few drinks, socialize a bit and in would walk in my baby.  She’d come in looking good as all get out.  From head to toe, sexy as fcuk. I’d sit back and watch a few guys approach her and one after another, get shot down.  I’d sit back and watch a few women approach her and one after another, get shot down.  While conversing with another brother, I’d order her a drink and have it sent to her…

“She bad, ain’t she?

“Fuck yeah.  Since the minute shorty walked in I couldn’t take my eyes off her,” I said.

“She killin’ it bruh.  You sending her a drink?  I wouldn’t do it bruh, she playin’ hard to get,” said the young cat.

“I know exactly what a woman like that wants and needs,” I said before walking over to her table.

“Well, shit…tell a nigga your ancient Chinese secret.”

“Hi.  Is anyone sitting here with you?”  I asked.

She looked up over the rim of her glass, “To be honest, I am here on a blind date a friend of mine set up, but he’s late.  Please, sit down.  I want to thank you for the drink.  That was very kind of you.”

“The pleasure was mine.  Hi, my name is Takoma.  What’s yours?”

“Niecy.  Takoma?  That’s a nice name.  It’s different.  Where are you from, Takoma?”

“Your dreams.”  I replied.

“Excuse me.”

“Your dreams.  I don’t know what it is, but I get this feeling that you’ve been waiting for a man that completes you.  A man that knows exactly how to touch you, knows exactly how to quench that fire that burns deep within you.  I’m not physic by a long shot, but I’m compelled to love you the way you need to be loved.”

“I see you’re very confident.  You must tell that to all the women in here,” she said as she took a sip from her glass.

“This guy that you’re supposed to meet tonight, has he shown up?”

“No,” she said as she looked around, then at her watch.

“Exactly.  If it were meant to be between you and Mr. Mystery, he’d be here now.  That is his loss, for real.”

“Now I don’t believe in magic, so don’t go pulling no rabbits out your hat. I am not in the mood for that.”

“I hear exactly what you saying, ma.  I ain’t about games and far from Houdini,” I said as I looked her deep within her eyes.

“I believe in love everlasting,” she said as she leaned in towards me.

“I’m available for whatever you need, whatever you want.”

She stood up for the table, and took me by the hand.  We walked through the thick crowd towards the back of the lounge.   The line to the ladies room was incredibly long.  Niecy looked left and then right and pulled me into the men’s room with the quickness.  A few men stood shocked at the presence of a woman in the men’s room.  With her still holding my hand, she knocked on  door after door until she found an empty stall.  She snatched me inside, locked the door and kissed me passionately.  She  kneeled down and unzipped my zipper, reached in and pulled out my rigid dick.  She slowly closed her eyes as she began sucking my dick deliciously.  She held my balls and slurped me from base to tip all the while looking right at me.   It was a complete and absolute turn on and I was ready to cum right then and there, but I held back.  She jerked my dick with two hands as she gently kissed the head and flicked her tongue up and down the shaft.  She stood up  and slowly hiked her dress over her sweet wide hips, turned around, placed her  hands on the wall and spread her legs.  With one hand on her shoulder, I took hold of my dick and slowly stuck it in her wet cunt.  I felt the extreme heat of her pussy melt on my dick.  She let out a slow and long moan that made my dick harder.  She looked over her shoulder at me, reached back and grabbed me by my right hip and forced me deep into her.  With each long and deliberate stroke, I could feel her pussy get wetter and wetter.  Amidst the clammer of guys outside the stall listening and cheering, we were in our own world.  We were completely silent except our heavy panting as we fucked like horny animals.  She placed one foot on the toilet seat as I pounded her juicy pussy.  In all the frenzy, my dick slipped out of her pussy and she squirted so much on the floor that I thought she was pissing.  She closed her eyes, unbuttoned her blouse, reached into her bra and took her tits out to kiss her own nipples.  She lowered her head and forcibly threw her fat ass back onto the shaft of my thick and rigid dick.  She fell silent as I felt her entire body quiver with orgasm after orgasm.  My dick got harder with the scent of her sweet cummin’ pussy.  After her waves of orgasms, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked me slowly with delicious intensity.

“Fuck, baby…!   Yeah, this what you what?  Fuck, you gonna make me cum!!”

“Yeeess.  Give it to me daddy.  I want it all.  I want to taste it right now.”

I knew she was close and within a few more strokes of her tongue, I was gonna cum in her mouth.

“Okay…you nasty bitch, here it cums.  Yeah…fuck!  Ahhhh!” I shouted as I came in her mouth.

She moaned with closed eyes as she swallowed my entire hot load.

“C’mon.  Let’s go home.  I want some fuckin’ more,” she said as she unhooked the latch and led me by the hand through the guys that were peeping over the stall door.




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