I’ve already covered a Hump Day question about female pubic hair, so what about body hair on a woman, more specifically, unshaven legs.  I am sure there may be plenty of people that will say it’s disgusting and unfeminine, and each and everyone of you are entitled to your opinion, and I appreciate that, but again I remind you, everything has its purpose.  It’s only Western civilization that frowns upon woman who let their underarm and leg hair grow. For women who shave, hey, that’s completely your prerogative and it totally your decision to endure the discomfort of waxing and the mundane task of frequent shaving. Ladies, ask yourself this question, if no one were to judge you, would you allow your hair to grow?  If so, go on free yourself of yet another chore of this so-called Western standard of beauty. No need to ask what my preferences are…I’m a man of a certain age and like a lot of shit, so…the more hair the better.  Like pubic hair on a woman, hairy legs really turn me on.  And don’t let a woman have that thin line of hair that travels from her navel all the way down to her bush!  OMG, I love that shit!  It definitely brings out the animal in me.  And if you release the animal in me, get ready for some good sweaty, jungle love type of fucking. I’m just sayin’.


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