Hair we go…Thank Goodness we’ve made it to another Hump Day, and to a New Year.  My resolution?  Not to pull punches in 2016, and say exactly what’s on my mind. So what’s on my mind the first Wednesday of the new year?  This issue that some consider pubic hair disgusting.  Up to now, I am  seeing and hearing more and more women are letting their pubic hair grow, and I for one, am glad more women feel uninhibited and could care less what others may think or say.  Men, there was a time when I was a kid, and don’t front, we’ve all done it, when I’d sneak a peek at my father’s Playboy magazine collection.  When my eyes gazed upon the bodies of beautiful women sporting pubic hair, that’s exactly what they were-women, and I was hooked!  Then when I got my hands on some magazines with some sistahs in it with pubic hair, I almost lost my mind. Now, in my junior high school days if I got a chance to finger pop a girl at a basement party, or my girlfriend stopped by my house after school when my parents weren’t home, these adolescent girls had no pubic hair.  When I finally got my chance to make love to a woman and I saw all that pubic hair, I knew right at that very second the difference between a girl and a woman.  And I liked it.  Now for those men who have so much negative things to say about women with pubic hair, which by the way is natural, please keep in mind that if you’re with a woman whose vaginal area smells, you gotta take a better look at the type of women you choose.  There’s a revolutionary invention that came out years ago, it’s called soap, and when coupled with water, it does a fantastic job.

In some cultures and parts of the world, it’s different strokes, I can understand this, but stop it with all the negative and vulgar comments about women with pubic hair. God created us.  So the next time you spew off offensive comments, just remember pubic hair is as natural as the hair on our heads.  If we don’t wash the hair on our heads, it’ll smell too.   If we lived in a continent where hair on our heads was taboo, then came to this country, we’d get all types of funny stares.  To shave or not to shave is a personal choice.  I personally love it.  It’s a major turn on.  And to those women that prefer not to shave, it may be one less thing that have to wax or fuss over.  Men grow far more hair over their bodies than women, but there are women that don’t particularly care for men with peasy chest hair, back hair or course hair on the arms and legs, but you don’t see women marching up and down Broadway carrying picket signs proclaiming their disgust.  Everything on the human body has its purpose-just like eyebrows, eye lashes, and nostril hair.  Yes, nostril hair. Look it up.  Men, if the woman of your supreme fantasy walked into your life, yet had pubic hair, I know damn well you wouldn’t kick her to the curb-so stop it.


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