TGiHD! Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day. Okay ladies, I wanna know…do you get offended when your man talks dirty to you?  On the flip side, do you talk dirty to him?

“Hey baby, how was your day?”  Lynda asked.

“It was okay, same ole shit.  How was yours?” asked Jayson.

“Don’t even ask. You know that new girl, Shannon I told you about?  Well, right before the morning meeting, my supervisor asked me to run a few copies off of some blank sign in sheets, right. So as I waiting for the copy machine to warm up, Shannon made it her business to tell me not to be late to the meeting.  And I’m like, excuse me?”

“Oh boy,” said Jayson as he washed his hands in the kitchen sink and opened the refrigerator door, “what happened next?”

“She had the audacity to stop dead in her tracks, looking over her shoulder at me and said, ’cause you have a bad habit of being late, and it’s not a good look on you.”

“Word? And what did you say after that?”

“Hmm. The question is what didn’t I say? She had it coming cuz you know I don’t play that.  I come to work everyday to do the job I get paid to do, but I’ll be damn if I let some ivy league wanna-be tell me something I already knew, with her cheap ass Payless Shoes.”

“Baby, why do you let her get to you like that?  She just jealous, you know that. Didn’t you tell me when she first got there she use to ear hustle on your conversations with your friends?  You said you caught her rolling her eyes when she overhead you telling the details about our anniversary cruise last year,” said Jayson as he grabbed Lynda by the hips pulling her close to him.

“Yeah, she did.”

“Well there you go…she wanna be you bae.  She want your job, she want your lifestyle, she probably even want me,” Jayson said jokingly.

“She probably do.  I need to be more careful when I see her around when I’m talking.”

“Word. She probably overheard you running your mouth on how we do.”

“Really? Running my mouth?  On how we do?  So that’s what you tell people, that I run my mouth?”

“Bae, be serious.  I know damn well you talk about how I be puttin’ it down. Stop!”

“I do not!” said Lynda as she tried to break free from Jayson’s playful grip.

“Yes you do. As a matter of fact I was thinking about your sweet phat ass all day today.  Hey, am I gonna get some pussy tonight?”

“Jesus, Jayson. Why do you have to say it like that?”

“Like what? Can I get some pussy?  Don’t start. How you want me ask, all polite  and shit with a British accent?  I like to talk dirty to you.  There’s something about the way I ask, and something about the way you say yes that turns me on.”

“I know, but why you gotta say it like that?”

“Come on, Lynda. Damn, it’s just me.  I’m in love with you. You turn me on and I wanna make damn certain you know it, so I say what’s on my mind.  You know I’m nasty like that.  But on the real tho, you never answered me baby…am I gonna get some pussy tonight or nah?”

“Yeah, that’s what you want daddy?  You want some pussy?”  said Lynda as she took Jayson by the hand,”Huh…is that it?”

“Fuck yeah.  Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout.”

Lynda led Jayson to the bedroom. She pushed him backward onto the bed.  She pinned back her hair and dropped to her knees. Jayson eagerly unzipped his zipper as she reached into his trousers pulling out his thick erect dick.  She moaned as she slowly engulf the thickness of his manhood into her mouth. She held it with two hands as she looked directly at him as ran her tongue up and over the head of his dick.  Jayson gently held her by her face as she intensely looked into her eyes.  She brought him so much pleasure. Jayson gently bit his bottom lips as Lynda worked her magic. He began to lift his hips off the bed thrusting his dick down her throat.  Lynda continued sucking his dick passionately.

“Fuck! moaned Jayson, “Gotdamn damn baby that shit feel good.  Don’t stop!”

Lynda continued sucking his dick without so much as blinking her eyes.

Jayson let out a low moan as he felt his dick get thicker and wider in her mouth.  He wanted to cum, and he needed to watch her swallow his load.

“I know you complain when I ask baby, but you know you love sucking my dick, don’t you?”

Lynda shook her head in agreement as she closed her eyes and slobbed his dick sending a shudder of excitement throughout Jayson.


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