Have you ever masturbated even while in a relationship?  I get it.  Life gets hectic, in the way.  You’re overcum, LOL, by your daily grind that has you so overwhelmed you barely have time for yourself, let alone your lover/spouse. You make plans for date night, but every now and again, life throws that curve ball, and you find yourself rescheduling the calendar for time alone with your bae.  But this one particular night he/she calls and tells you they’re stuck at the office, requested to do mandatory overtime, or out of town on a business trip and his/her flight is delayed, what do you do?  You’ve showered, lotioned and crawled into bed.  You catch a quick glimpse of a sexy commercial or flip through a magazine you’re reading and see an advertisement of a sexy man or woman and before you know it, you’re gently touching yourself.  You glance over at the nightstand clock and convince yourself that your significant other should be home in a few hours.  A few hours?!!  You could get a quick one in and save the best ’til he/she gets home.  Once that thought enters your mind, there’s nothing on the face of the earth that’s gonna stop you from the self gratifying pleasure of masturbation. Whether you pop in a porn DVD, pick up an erotic novel, or merely let your imagination run wild, you will experience this pleasure.  You softly, gently and deliberately touch yourself anticipating the splendor of an orgasm.  Tonight, you go from zero to one hundred in a few seconds, and before you know it you’re reaching an explosive, toe curling orgasm.  Your skin is covered with goosebumps, your body is sweaty, your senses are heightened, your breathing has increased ten-fold, however you feel far from guilty.  Why? Because you’re human, and we all have that primal instinct that must be satisfied when nature calls.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  So if you’re in a loving, respectful, honest and endearing relationship and you happen to find yourself horny, but alone because of circumstances, would you masturbate until the arrival of your loved one?