The Art of Kissing.  How important is a great kiss? It’s an expression of love.  It’s the entree to the main course.  A kiss can make you feel everything, or it can make you feel nothing. Therefore, a common purpose of the kiss is helping determine your attaction to someone. A kiss can make or break your relationship: it is the separator between friend and lover.  A kiss is arguably just as intimate and important as sex.  Play it safe and find out your potential lover’s likes and dislikes and take it from there. Ladies, a man loves the subtle sounds of your voice, so moan a little, sigh a little. Heavy breathing is also an absolute turn on.  Guys, keep in mind a woman loves passion and a sensuous technique.  Don’t over do it.  Don’t use too much saliva, and be mindful of your pressure and speed.  In other words, don’t act like you haven’t kissed a woman in decades, so don’t go ramming your tongue down her throat. And fresh breath is an absolute must. Kisses placed on other parts of the body are erotically sensuous.  A kiss on the earlobe, the neck, the forehead, the stomach, the arch of the back, the inner thigh, the base of the head, under her arm, behind her knee, and the palm of her hand are all areas that’ll get the fire started. There are no golden rules to follow other than go with the flow and listen to that inner voice in  your heart.