Ladies, if a man you just met was totally honest up front, and said he just wanted to fuck, would you respect him more?  Better yet, would you be down?  A friend of mine dated this woman for a month and a half.  One afternoon on a lunch date, the conversation gradually turned sexual.  The young lady taken aback said, “if you just wanted to fuck, why didn’t you just say that when we first met.”  I’m not sure what his response was, but from a man’s perspective, we’ll avoid being that blunt in the chance we may kill our opportunity to sleep with you.  It’s touch and go.  We’ll test the waters at first while paying close attention to the flow of conversation.  If the woman starts off with a lot of sex talk, we’ll advance more vigorously, if she shys away from the topic, we’ll wait until another time to bring it up.

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