senual black couple

Which do you prefer? Drunk’n love or sober love?  Truth be told, I definitely prefer some drunk’n loving.  A little smoke, a little wine or something 80 proof lowers your inhibitions which allows you to relax.  When you’re relaxed, you’re mellow.  And when you’re mellow, you’re down for whatever, and when you’re down for whatever…well, ya know.  And who wouldn’t want to be chill’axin’ with their loved one, their boo, their bae, their side-piece, their jump-off, their fuck buddy and just enjoy themselves.  When you’re drunk in love your sexual awareness in heightened.  You may role play, take liberties you wouldn’t normally take, you may fuck in places you wouldn’t normally fuck. The whole “fucking” experience is just that much better.  When you’re sober, you tend to be a little more reserved, a little more cautious.  And let’s face it, sex is to be enjoyed as much as possible. When you’re with that special someone, and that shit really gets good, I mean that toe curling, back arching, incoherent speech, body writhing, sweat dripping, pussy squirting, drooling mouth type of fucking, I’d rather have a little liquor in me and turn it up to ten.

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