Is oral sex okay during celibacy? Some may definitely disagree. First, let’s take a look at the definition of celibate which means to abstain from sexual activity.  So, oral sex to some may not fall within the parameter of sexual activity.  If you’re a former president, not mentioning any names, you may definitely feel oral sex isn’t sexual activity, but alas, it is.  So we’d then have to take a closer look at the reason why a person would practice celibacy.  I’m sure there are dozens of good reasons, but why get on the field if you don’t intend going the extra yard?  Why pick up the bat if you’re not swinging for a home run?  Why go down court if you don’t intend on going for the 3 point shot?  I think you get my drift.  If I were on a date and she told me she was celibate, but I could eat her pussy, I wouldn’t be mad at her.  A woman once told me she was capable of having an orgasm while performing oral sex.  I would love to put that on my bucket list, but that was a long time ago, and I’m sure her number has changed since then her…excuse me, I digress.  I don’t know of any woman that would practice celibacy, and still allow you to lick her clit, or wouldn’t have a problem pleasuring a man ’til completion.  I could be wrong.  So if there are any ladies out there that have a friend that’s cool with this, or if you’re the one that’s cool with it, my number is (718) 873…..I’m just playing…unless you serious. LOL!

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