Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day!  Ladies, would you consider yourself a quiet love maker, or are you mad vocal?  A friend of mine once told me when he use to blaze through his girl’s house he was seeing back in the day, she made it obviously clear to her neighbors she had overnight company. Whenever they’d hit the sheets, he desperately tried to keep her quiet, but she’d scream his name from the top of her lungs over and over again.  In the morning when he left, he’d walk through the lobby and would get all types of stares and glances from her neighbors that overheard their sexual escapade.  Most men are visual and audible creatures, and need that heightened stimulation, but too much is a distraction.  There’s a fine line that separates a realistic display of eroticism, and an overacting porn star.  Personally, I like when the woman I’m making love to is vocal.  It lets me know she is enjoying it.  There’s something about the sound of a woman’s voice when she’s getting fucked well that’s a real turn on.  It’s music to my ears, a sexy angelic overture of passion, and couple that with some intimate kissing, and it’s skeet, skeet, skeet, all the way home.

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