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TGiHD.  Thank Goodness it’s Hump Day. Here’s another difference between men and women.  When a man makes love/fucks a woman for the first time, he has to cum correct, no pun intended.  If a man doesn’t cum correct the first time he may not get a call back.  A lot of pressure is riding on him.  Pound it out, freak her out, wear it out, tear it out, not to mention, eat it out.  Men have a lot to contend with, that’s if we want an another invite to some more pussy.  We have to show that freaky side, somewhat like an audition, while maintaining a sense of normality.  Normality, you ask?  Yes.  Be a little too freaky, and you may scare her off.  We have to do it all, while women on the other hand, have the luxury of taking it easy.  Let’s be honest, if a woman delivers some average pussy, she can always call the DOC- (Dick On Call), and the doc definitely makes house calls. Depending on the man’s level of freakiness, a woman has to take his ego into consideration, and resort to rationing the pussy.  A man’s ego won’t allow him to see his woman more knowledgeable in the bedroom.  “Where the fuck did you learn that from?”  he may ask.  Men, in the meantime, encourage your woman to let loose, relax and explore everything pleasure has to offer.  It’s what made him fall in lust with you in the first place, right?  Right.

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