friends attracted to each other

Another Hump Day is upon us.  I’d like to know if men and woman could be friends without being physical.  Over the years I’ve interviewed both men and women, and obviously their responses were split right down the middle.  Some said yes, others said no.  6% of those polled said it depends.  That “depends” is the subject matter.  What would it depend upon?  One interviewed, said  she was physically attracted to her male friend, and it was difficult not to have a physical relationship.  She further stated the entire time they were “just friends” she dropped hints every chance she got that she was definitely feeling him.  In the end, they did eventually sleep together.  Another interviewed said it depends if the friend is really good looking.  He said, he has a few female friends that will remain in the friend zone, because they’re not that attractive.  He also stated they offered great advice, lended an ear, loaned money, but just didn’t find them physically attractive, and therefore, remained in their lane.

It’s hard to focus on anything other than the obvious if your friend of the opposite sex is attractive.  What would it take for you to cross those boundaries and convey your attraction?  Keep in mind, once you cross over, there is no return.  What’s your opinion? I’d like to know.

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