sexy black male 2

Another Hump Day is upon us.  Okay, ladies here’s my question.  When going over your checklist of a man’s ‘Must Haves’, what are some of the physical attributes your man must possess?  For example, an average guy’s ‘Must Haves’ may be a woman with big tits, a phat ass, a hairy pussy, thick thighs, maybe long legs, or possibly a squirter.  Okay, so now that you know what my question pertains to, what say you?  He must be tall, maybe light skinned.  He’s gotta have have muscles.  He most definitely must have a big dick.  He’s gotta know how to eat pussy, he’s gotta have a lot of stamina.  Or the all time old school favorite, he’s gotta have good hair.  LOL, well whatever your checklist ‘must haves’ are, we’d like to know.

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