Fellas, do you invite your lady to go with you to the strip club?  Does she enjoy the time spent there with you?  Can you honestly admit that while you’re there, you can be yourself?  Could you freely speak your mind telling the dancer all the nasty things you’d like to do to her as you’re smacking dollars bills on the dancer’s sweaty ass cheek with her girl right there with you?  What if your lady was totally cool with it, would it make you think twice about bringing her a 2nd time?  Or would you make an attempt to open Pandora’s box?  When men are at a strip club with their friends, they’re open to be themselves.  They enjoy the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the machismo.  They can  enjoy the pleasure of expressing their hidden sexual desires to a dancer, especially if that dancer is everything he likes in his fantasy.  An exotic dancer’s job is just that; to fulfill the fantasy.  It is not her job to be a little discreet if a male patron is accompanied by his girl.  Now if his woman is there with him, out of respect, he may hold back from expressing himself freely, and that’s quite understandable.  A woman would have to be really secure within herself to give the green light to her man to “be himself” at a strip club.

On the flip side, would a guy give his girl the green light if he accompanied her to a strip bar, or would his ego be bruised if he heard his woman talk some raunchy shit to a male exotic dancer?  He may hear things his girl has never said to him before in their bedroom.  And of course, like the female stripper, the male stripper will hold no bars.  He is there also to fulfill a fantasy, and make his paper.  So once he’s standing in front of your woman gyrating his hips and rubbing his dick inches away from your girl’s face, will you be able to refrain from feeling a certain kinda way?  My advise?  Do not venture through that door of sexual inhabitation.  Men are freaky, no doubt, but women have us beat, hands down.  A woman’s sexual inhabitations lie dormant and until they are awakened, play it safe and real cool.  Be careful what you ask for.

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