THUG vs. GENTLEMEN.  Okay ladies, which shall it be?  What’s your pleasure?  Do you prefer a thug or a gentlemen?  I believe the answer weighs mostly on the age and the requirements of the women asked.  In fact, there are multiple reasons why any woman would choose the way she may choose.  One woman may choose a thug cause she knows he is going to lace up his Timbs and pound the pussy out lovely.  Another woman may choose a gentleman because she feels he’s gonna make love to them.  Bottom line is, based on appearance, either may offer you just what you need.  You may have a young thug who will make passionate love to you, and then there’s the gentleman that’ll fuck you like he just got out of prison.

“Hi Sheila. What’s going on?”

“Oh hi Leela. My key broke off in the lock and I had to call a locksmith to change the locks.  Now I’ve got to run to the market and get a few things before Marcus gets home.  I’m making my man his favorites for dinner.”  Said Sheila.

“That’s right, he’s got that new job huh?  I see him when he comes home.  He looks so good in his suits.”  Said Leela.

“Excuse me?”  Asked Sheila.

“Yeah, most days when I’m sitting by my living room window, I can see Marcus when he comes home.  Then he’ll head back out to the corner store in his jeans and Timbs.”  Said Leela.

“Seems like you got too much time on your hands.  You know a lot about my man.”

“I’m just saying Sheila.  He’s a good looking man.  Any woman would be lucky to have a good looking man with a good job holding it down.  And it’s sexy that he can flip it from suits to Timbs like that.”

“So what you saying Leela?”

“Nothing Sheila, relax.  Nobody wants your man.”

“Whatever.  I know how you get down Leela.”

Leela rolled her eyes as she headed back to her apartment.  Sheila tested her new set of keys before heading out to the market to pick up a few things.  Marcus arrived home earlier than usual as he caught a ride from one of his coworkers.  Leela was by her living room window when she saw Marcus getting out of a car.

“Now what is he doing home so early?”  Leela asked herself.  She grabbed her keys and headed down the staircase hoping to bump into Marcus.

“Hi.”  Said Leela.

“Oh hi…um?”  Said Marcus.


“Yeah, Leela.  Hi.”

“Having a problem?”  Asked Leela.

“Yeah.  The weirdest thing.  My key isn’t working.  I rang the bell but I guess Sheila isn’t home and my phone’s been acting crazy all day.  I can’t text or make any calls.”  Said Marcus.

“Oh wow.  You gotta be careful so you don’t wind up breaking the key off in the lock.  You can use my phone if you need to.  I left it upstairs, so you’ll have to come up with me.”  Offered Leela.

“Cool.  I appreciate that.”  Said a thankful Marcus.

Once upstairs in Leela’s apartment, she offered him a seat.

“Have a seat.  Let me go get my phone.  Be right back.”

Leela arrived back in the living room totally naked in a pair of sexy pumps, with cellphone in hand.

“Whoa!”  Said Marcus. “Leela, what the hell are you doing?  Where the fuck are your clothes?”

“Marcus baby, I gotta tell you, I’ve been watching you for so long.  You are one helluva gorgeous man.  I need you to fuck me right now!”  Said Leela as she kneeled down in front of Marcus.

“Are you crazy?  You gotta be crazy.  I got a girl.”  Said Marcus as he stood up trying to get past Leela.

“Marcus!  Don’t leave daddy.  Be honest, you don’t want none of this pussy?  I see the way you look at me.”  Said Leela as she took Marcus by the hand and placed it on her fat ass.

“Damn, this shit is so wrong,”  said Marcus, “but your ass is so fuckin’ big.  Damn!”

“Yes daddy.  I know you like this fat ass.  It’s ok.  Sit down here.”  Said Leela as she kneeled down again in front of Marcus and unzipped his zipper pulling out his dick.

“Look at all this dick,” said an amazed Leela, “this shit look so good.”  Said she before engulfing it all into her mouth.  She sucked and slurped enjoying every second it.

“Oh shit, Leela.  You suck a mean dick baby, damn!”

Leela looked up at Marcus as she continued blessing him with the greatest oral sex he had ever received.  Marcus placed his hand behind her head as he raised his hips off the sofa and began fucking her mouth.

“Mmmm,”  mumbled Leela with his dick in her mouth, “look at your dick throbbing.  Let mama take care of you, baby.”  Said Leela as she stood up and turned around with her back facing Marcus.  She took ahold of his dick and slowly lowered herself onto him.  She threw her head back in complete ecstasy enjoying the width of his dick as it opened the walls of her hot and wet cunt.

“Ah fuck!  Whoa.  Your pussy mad wet baby.  Look at this shit.”  Said a horny Marcus.  Leela looked over her shoulder as she threw her ass back at him.  Marcus grabbed her by the hips as he thrusted his dick up hard into her.  Leela moaned and squealed in pure delight.

“Oh daddy, yes…yes…yes!  Fuck me, just like that gotdamnit!”  Shouted Leela.

Marcus managed to get up, turned Leela around and bent her over the arm of the sofa.  She spread her legs wide as Marcus palmed her ass cheek and slid his sticky hard dick back into her.  He grabbed her by both hips as he pounded her pussy with passion.  Leela nipples became erect as she could feeling herself close to an orgasm.  She fell silent as her breathing increased tenfold.  She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she exploded with a orgasm.  Her pussy gushed a flow of love juice that splashed to the floor.  She couldn’t stop cumming.

“Mother fucker, look at that shit!!  Gotdamn baby.  Whew…I can’t…holy shit…I gotta cum. Fuck!!”  Shouted Marcus.

“Mmm, that’s it daddy.  Please, please cum in me!”

Marcus gave his last good thrust before shooting his hot load into her soaking wet cunt.  Leela turned around and dropped to her knees stuffing Marcus’ dick in her mouth.  She sucked the rest of his hot load down her throat.

“Mmmm.  Oh my god.  That’s what I needed.  Your cum is so hot, so thick.  Lawd!”

Marcus caressed her face as she continued swallowing the last pearls of cum.  Leela looked at up at him and licked her lips seductively.

“Come on baby.  Let me clean you up.  You’ve got to get home.”  Said Leela.