Remember when guys didn’t admit to eating pussy?  What was that all about?  Who started that bullshit?  Chris Rock said it best, “Fellas, if you don’t eat pussy, you will lose your woman  like a set of keys.”  There was also a time in history when a woman would want you to go down on her, but wouldn’t reciprocate.  Guys, make sure you pay particular attention to your entire lower region when washing if you want your woman to bless you with a blow job.  If your woman doesn’t enjoy sucking your dick, it may be a hygiene issue.  Wash your nuts, and your ass.  Now, if hygiene isn’t an issue, it could be your lady just doesn’t know how to give a good oral sex, and men let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a wack blow job.  And on the converse, I am sure there is nothing more irritating than a man who doesn’t know how to eat pussy.

It dawned on me many, many years ago if I wanted to learn the secret of cunnilingus, I should go to the source; ask another woman.  And so I did. I learned the vaginal area, including the clitoris is different in each woman, obviously.  Some clits are small and hidden, while some are large and prominent.  All, however, are capable of providing ecstasy.  Men, you must build her arousal level slowly, gradually increasing pressure and speed. Once you know she’s aroused (i.e. if she’s told you or motioned so) you can then move to the clitoris.  Clitoral stimulation can be exciting but don’t be too eager.

The way that you use your tongue is important. Provide different textures by altering the natural flex of your tongue. When your tongue hangs limp and flat, it provides a soft caress. When your tongue is flexed and rigid it provides more direct and firm stimulation. Try some of each and determine which your partner prefers. Some women will want rapid motions of continuous licking while others prefer long, slow caresses.

And ladies, the secret to sucking dick well, is to enjoy sucking dick. There it is; the secret’s out. Don’t have an attitude while you’re sucking dick.  Don’t suck the dick like you’re doing us a favor, don’t suck the dick with conviction, then lose interest, and if you get us close to cumming, please don’t stop and ask if you’re doing it right.  Be creative, use your imagination and make eye contact.  Eye contact is essential.  There’s something about it that turns us men completely on.  It shows your slutty side and speaks volume.  It says you’re not shy or afraid to look him square in the eyes as you pleasure him.  Oral sex is a beautiful thing, when done correctly.

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