thick chick 11thick chick 13More cushion for the push’n?  Ab-so-lute-ly!  Let me start off by saying I have nothing against slender women, but it’s just my personal preference, therefore the thicker, the better.  Why would I have it any other way?  I guess as an adolescent, I was exposed more to the full figured, plus sized women; something deep rooted in my subconscious that I have no problem with.  I think back to images I saw as a kid in commercials, print ads for swim wear or even magazines where women were shapely, thick and downright pleasurable to gaze upon. And I really admire a full size woman’s confidence.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it.  A thick, shapely woman exudes everything from confidence to sexuality.  Again, I’m not knocking the next man’s preference, but I really couldn’t imagine snuggling up to anyone other than a thick women on a cold winter’s night, come to think about, it wouldn’t matter what season it was, give me a thick goddess anytime.

For those women who are thick and shapely that I see in the gym in an extreme effort to get skinny, I wish I could grab them square by the shoulders, look them dead straight in their eyes, and tell them, THEY ARE SEXY!  There’s an entire population of men, that honestly and sincerely appreciate their thickness.  Don’t get me wrong, stay fit, stay healthy, but please don’t over do it.  If you’re a size 14, 16, 18 or more, be happy with yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel less confident or less desirable.  Now I know there are millions of full figured goddesses who are confident and love themselves, and I’ll say, “More Power To Ya!”  We are finally at a time in society where the plus size model is getting their just due, if you will,  their time in the spotlight, their recognition, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  For decades, images of skinny women were shoved down our throats.  And for those of you that doubt my words, I encourage you to check the archives.  Google the lineup of the ’63 Radio City Rockettes, Las Vegas Show Girls, PlayBoy centerfolds, Pin Up Girls, and even women from the Renaissance Era, and there you’ll find some of the most gorgeous women ever to walk this planet.  A full figured woman has more to love, more to hold, more to kiss, more to lick and definitely more to squeeze.  And men let’s face it, don’t it look good when you’re fucking your thick girl from behind and you watch that ass jiggle with each thrust of your dick? I loved Anna Nicole Smith at her thickest.  When Kirstie Alley appeared on Oprah in a sexy pair of purple lingerie revealing her weight loss, but was still nice and thick, I was glued to my TV screen, and I’d definitely prefer Jennifer Hudson then, than Jennifer Hudson now. thick chick thick chick 3thick chick 9thick chick 10kirstie alley