black guyDo women think about sex more than men?  I dunno, I’m still trying to find out.  Over the years, half of my female friends will disclose that they think about sex on a daily basis.  The other half will tell me that they do not.  That half that claims they have better things on their minds to think about will leave me with the impression that I am way too nasty to be friends of theirs.  LOL.  Seriously, from the images I’ve seen on television in the last 15 years, music videos that burn into my subconscious, or lyrics to any popular rap or pop songs, one can’t but imagine that women truly don’t think about sex more than men.  So why is there still such a disparaging proportion of women that cling dearly to the notion that they do not think about sex just as much, if not more than men?

This question goes out to anyone with a heart beat.  Have you ever been somewhere whether it be work or standing on line at an ATM, and was suddenly hit with a wave of sexual excitement; I mean a heightened sense of arousal that nearly blinded you?  Have you ever been consumed with the desire of immediate satisfaction to the point where you thought to yourself, “Why here, why now, why me?”  Nothing stimulated you, you didn’t overhear any juicy gossip, but something, some type of sexual carnal craving was awakened deep within you.  If the answer is yes, then I believe, whether you’re a male or female, we think about it equally.  But that other half will never let us men know for sure.  But the question remains, what is the actual ratio of females to males that think about it daily, hourly and all times in between?  From a man’s standpoint, I can recall when I quickly entered the office cafe to find myself face to face with a table of women that abruptly ended their conversation to be followed with a little giggling.  I can definitely recall a few conversations had between my female friends involving one of their love interests, and some of the antics that transgressed over a weekend when their kids were away.  At times, it was enough to make a man blush.  More women read romance novels and erotica than men.  However, more men watch porn that women, but who knows, that figure could been steadily changing this very moment. Nowadays, you can find just as many women as men in the strip clubs.

Recently, I had a short business meeting to attend, and while on the elevator an executive boarded on the next floor.  During the short ride, she commented that I looked very nice in my suit.  I thanked her as I made eye contact, and she repeated the compliment with emphasis on the word “very”.   I again thanked her as I exited the elevator and could feel her staring at me from behind.  Was her compliment genuine, or did she undress me with her eyes?  I’ll never know.  LOL.  As a man, I’ll admit, I think about sex a great part of my day.  It is what it is.  It’s what makes me, me.  The sight of a women’s body, the way she exhumes confidence, her speech, her walk, her intelligence, the parting of her lips, her scent, her laugh.  It all plays a dynamic part of why sex is on my mind all day, everyday.  An addict?  No.  It’s just a normal healthy appetite that many of are blessed with.  Yes, I said blessed.  Think about those that are consumed by the mundane that suppresses that natural craving, that natural need to be satisfied, to be quenched.  I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.  I honestly believe we are finally at a time and place in society where women can express exactly what they want, need, desire, require and demand.  Thank goodness for female sexuality.