Lingerie is a billion dollar industry reports Forbes Magazine in an October, 2014 article. Is it any wonder? Sex sells. Always has, always will. Men truly love seeing women in lingerie. Did I make myself clear? We love it! Funny thing about us men is when it comes to a woman wearing lingerie, we’re looking past it, 5 minutes in the future. We’re like kids in a candy store. We’d rather rip right through them. Not at $50 a pair, you won’t. Here’s my question. Do womsexy black women 3en buy lingerie for us men, or themselves? The answer is both. But who comes first? I believe the answer is somewhat twofold. They buy it for themselves first so they can feel like the beautiful creatures they are. Of course, men come second, and I have no problem with that. I appreciate when a woman wears lingerie. It leaves something to the imagination. But personally, the sight of a woman’s naked body is more of a turn on. Another added surprise; high heel shoes with the lingerie. OMG! In a conversation I once had with a friend of mine, I told him a woman in a sexy heel was an awesome sight. He replied, “I wouldn’t care if she had on bedroom slippers. Fuck a heel!” No arguments there.