15 - 1Since I was a little boy I loved the sight of the female body.  In the 4th grade I’d cut out pictures of women in lingerie from weekly circulars and brought them to school in my knapsack to show off.  It didn’t occur to me that other boys weren’t bringing in pictures, I just knew I was considered the “go-to-kid” for immorality.  One day I arrived at school, sat down with a few interested souls only to find out my mother discovered my hiding place and removed the pictures without my knowledge. She never said anything to me about them, and I never said anything to her. Even to this day, some 45 odd years later, I knew it was her that removed those photos.  I can laugh at it now, but back on that day, in the lunchroom of P.S 273, I was mortified when I look into my knapsack to find nothing.  I guess I was naughty at an early age, but nothing’s changed since then.  I still love to gaze upon the female body. Thank God for it.