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Should a woman use her physical assets to get what she wants in life? I already know the answer to this question, but I have a friend with a friend who had a rough time paying her rent and was on the verge of being evicted.  When asked why doesn’t she ask the men who love her big titties so much for financial help; the desperate friend had nothing to say.


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Do you have to always marry your soulmate?  My condolences to the entire Porter family.in the passing of Kim Porter.  I recently read P. Diddy’s comments about Kim, and her being his soulmate.  Obviously I don’t know the details of their relationship, but I was raised to hopefully find and marry your soulmate.  So if Kim was Diddy’s soulmate, why didn’t he marry her?  What’s your definition of a “soulmate”?  I’d like to know.

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Happy Hump Day!

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I, for one have never experienced it, but does a woman with a long tongue bring more pleasure to oral sex? I am so curious to find out.  What about people who have tongue piercings?  Does a tongue piercing heighten fellatious activity?   Ladies, gentlemen….what say you?

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Pillow Talk: 101

Use of the word “daddy” in or out of the bedroom. I am father of three beautiful young women.  I am proud of them. In my late 20’s I remember my wife at that time, called me “daddy” during love making.  I was not completely turned on with use of that word for obvious reasons.  I tried to overlook it, but it just didn’t work for me.   I later asked other fathers how they felt about use of that word in the bedroom.  The majority of us concurred that it just didn’t work for us.  Like fingernails scrapping against a chalkboard, use of that word didn’t sit well with me.  How does one separate the two?  On one hand, my daughters called me daddy and then my wife, at that time, called me, “daddy” in the bedroom.  I could not remain aroused and I asked her to never call me that again.  Now, decades later, the use of the word, “daddy” was actually something that I ask for.  Could be because my daughters are now grown.  I don’t know, but I am okay with it nowadays.  Now fast forward to my former wife, who I asked to call me “daddy”.  I think she had a problem with it.  It sounded awkward coming from her, so I told her if she was uncomfortable with it, she didn’t have to do it.  However, I believe I’ve gotten over the stigma, so I wouldn’t mind if my future lover calls me, “daddy” in or out of the bedroom.  So ladies, let me ask you this.  Is use of the word, “bitch” okay with you in the bedroom?  What’s your opinion?  I’d like to know.

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Ladies, what are your thoughts on this.  Men…I’d like to hear from you, too.  So ladies, if your man, not someone you’re having casual sex with, but your man/spouse/significant other, had a premature ejaculation, would you hold that against him?  Would you secretly ridicule him?  If he  came too quick would you would take credit and charge it to how good your pussy must be?  Would you talk to him putting him at ease and research the cause and solution to his problem?  There could be a million reasons why he came too fast. Men, if you went down on your woman, and she came too quick would you beat your chest like a caveman and give praise to your almighty tongue, or chalk it off as one of those things that happen every once and again?  Bottom line…always, always, always talk to your partner.

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